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minPlayer: A Minimalistic, Plugin-based ‘Core’ Media Player for the Web

Today I would like to introduce my latest media player creation. The minPlayer. The idea behind this media player was that I have a lot of experience building web based multimedia players, but also noticed that I continually build more and more features into them based on clients requests. Because of this, I have decided to create the concept of a “core” media player whose sole purpose was to only deliver the multimedia experience while the more complex features would go inside of another media player I created called the Open Standard Media Player. This allows me to keep the core media functionality slim while still being able to extend onto the minPlayer class to provide the more advanced features such as Playlists and custom 3rd party integrations.

Rope Maze

Today I went to the Science Museum of Oklahoma and was very intrigued by a rope maze puzzle they had there. This puzzle was basically a layout of 5 different rooms with doors between each room, and connected to this puzzle was a rope. The challenge said to use the rope to weave through all of the open doors and do not let the rope cross each other. The goal was to go through all of the doors. I approached this problem like any software engineer would and went home and wrote a program that would solve the problem for me. I did it in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.