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How to Build a M.E.A.N Web Application

Lately I have been really getting into a new web application stack referred to as the M.E.A.N stack. To give you a very brief description, the M.E.A.N stack is a full web application stack where JavaScript is used at every layer. The acronym stands for the following:

  • M: MongoDB – A NoSQL database powered by JavaScript.
  • E: ExpressJS – A Node.js application framework.
  • A: AngularJS – A front-end single-page javascript application framework.
  • N: NodeJS – A server-side javascript application engine.

This stack has many benefits that caters itself to the new Web 3.0 movement where the Internet of Things is radically changing old paradigms on how web applications should be built. For example, the M.E.A.N stack requires a total separation between the Front end application and the Backend server via RESTful API’s. This provides the ability for multiple front end applications to be built on top of a single backend REST service.

When learning how to build a M.E.A.N web application, one thing that frustrated me was the lack of a complete walkthrough tutorials on how to build an app within this architecture. I was able to find plenty of documentation over the atomic pieces of M.E.A.N (such as plenty of documentation and videos over AngularJS), but it was really up to me to put all the pieces together to build an application. I created this presentation and video as a COMPLETE walkthrough on how to get your application started.

I hope you enjoy it.