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Sudo Make Me a Sandwich... Literally!

So, I have been preparing for my presentation that I will be giving to the jQuery Conference, where I will be talking about automating and testing the web using a combination of jQuery, Node.js, and Phantom.js. This presentation will primarily go over a new library that I wrote called jQuery.go.js, which takes the jQuery interface and brings it into Node.js for the sole purpose of web automation and testing using the Phantom.js headless browser. It is a project that I am very happy with so when you get a chance, check it out and give me your feedback…

But what REALLY excites me about this presentation is the project I came up with that demonstrates the power of these three JavaScript technologies combined. What I basically created was a command line application that allows you to order a sandwich from Jimmy John’s website. This should strike a chord with many geeks out there, since there is a legendary XKCD comic which I basically made real with this project…

So, without further adieu, I give you MakeMeASandwich.js!

I provide some instructions on how to install and use this library on the project page

Also, I purposefully left my favorite sandwich and work address in the config.json if anyone decides they would like to say thanks… ;)

Ping me in IRC @ #drupal-dallas (travist) before you do it though…