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My New Blog Using Octopress

Today I am launching my website using a new technology that REALLY excites me. For starters, this blog is built using the Jekyll system, which is basically a static website generator but allows you to install plugins, create layouts, as well as many other features that keep you from repeating yourself when building a website (DRY).

In addition to Jekyll, this blog is built using a technology that sits on top of Jekyll called Octopress, which simply provides a framework for building technology blogs… or in other words, it is a blogging engine for Nerds. Amazing stuff and I hope this enables me to easily add my thoughts from the past and the future.

And then finally, I cannot forget Github Pages. I am in love with Github and when they introduced this capability, it just solidified my allegiance to this company. If you haven’t had a chance to see this technology, then I highly recommend checking it out.