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Automating and Testing Drupal With Zombie.js

Today I gave a presentation over Automating and Testing Drupal with Zombie.js at the Drupal Dallas Days Conference. I had a blast putting this presentation together and I think just as much fun giving it. I also used the incredible library Reveal.js for the first time which is an amazing way to build a presentation. I hope you enjoy it…

Presentation Video

Presentation Slides


The Bite

It all begins with the bite… Let’s say you need to automate something repetitive that you always do within the Drupal UI. Or, maybe you would like to write automated tests for Drupal, but do not want to mess with the nasty installation and runtime of Selenium IDE. Enter Zombie.js… a lightweight, insanely fast, headless browser for testing and automation within a single Node.js package. No browser required. You have just been bitten.

The Infection

Installation is simple. Because it is a Node.js package, installation is as simple as installing node.js on your local computer (, and then run

npm install zombie

You have just been infected.


You realize that writing simple tests and automation tools is simple. You select elements on the page using tools you know such as jQuery Selectors (Sizzle). The API is easy and intuitive. You are now walking.

Hunting and Feeding

You now cannot get enough… You are automating every mundane taks that you do within the UI. You now have a powerful command line application at your fingertips and realize that you do not need to build custom Services endpoints or custom Drush commands to do what you want. You hunger for more… welcome to the hunting phase.


You are now a believer. Zombie.js is amazing and will make your life easier.