The rise of API first applications

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A paradigm shift is occurring...

The web is seeing a new "inflection point"
The web has seen 3 inflection points

we have given them version numbers

Web 1.0

The static web

Web 2.0

The dynamic web

Web 2.0

The rise of the CMS

Web 2.0

The smart phone was introduced

"Mobile First"

Mobile First

The server still provides the interface.
Then this started happening

Web 3.0

The rise of the machines

Developer Mandates

Applications must be made differently.

"Mobile first" is no longer good enough

"API first" Development

  • Build your REST platform first.
  • REST platform must be "stateless"
  • Your first "app" should be the API test.
  • Build your app or website on top of those API's.

Why "API-first"?

Forces us to develop websites like web applications.

Next generation web application

Web 3.0 App Requests

How is this better?

Web 2.0 Request

Web 3.0 Request

"Stateless" REST API

Use tokens (JWT) to maintain state in client.

Front end architectures

Frameworks are your friend

Single Page Application

Single Page Application

Multi-Service Applications

Helping us go from this...

To this...

Micro-service architecture

Where is this going?

A community of "application sharing"